How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Ah, paper snowflakes, a perennial favorite and of those things it's so easy to forget how to do!  No worries, I've got you covered with this super simple infographic.  I like using old magazine pages to make my snowflakes, it's a great way to upcycle and the text gives the snowflakes some lovely texture.  Just click on the image to enlarge, download the infographic and you'll be on your way to a blizzard of paper magic.  

Last year I used my paper snowflakes to embellish some plain kraft paper gift bags, you can get the tutorial here.  Or, hang a flurry of them from clear fishing line and turn your home into a winter wonderland! fabulous!  Where are you going to hang your snowflakes?  Do tell!



Mary Ann Potter said...

I haven't made these since I was a little girl --- I'm going to do a bunch later today! Thanks for reminding me of these simple, wonderful snowflakes!

Margot Potter said...

That makes me very happy, Miss Potter!