Washi Tape Gift Tag DIY

We recently had the delightful and talented Mr. Tanner Bell out for a day of crafty video making fun!  This is one of the videos we shot, we took turns leading the crafts.  I wanted to make something easy and fun for kids to do, the adults can cut, the kids can take care of the tape and decorating.  Fun, fast and fabulous.  BIG LOVE to Mr. Potter for shooting and editing this video.  He has the patience of a saint.  Unlike his wife...

But wait...there's more!  You can the video from my most recent appearance on WBIR Channel 10 here in Knoxville below.  I'm sharing  neon puffy paint ornaments and DIY feather ornaments.   Yes, the theme is quick and easy, as I am The Impatient Crafter.  Have I mentioned that?

Please go visit Tanner at A Little Craft in Your Day and CraftTeen and check out his YouTube Channel!

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