Holiday Gift Giving...SOLVED!

Yes, I have solved your Holiday Gift Giving needs. No need to thank me, it's what I do. I have several options for the discriminating designing diva...or divo. Perhaps a signed copy of one of my books with a piece of ephemera from my personal collection tucked inside? Did I mention the books are being sold at a discount? Just a click on the book and a quick trip to PayPal is finished!

Beyond the Bead: A Mixed Media Wonderland Filled with Fun and Easy Projects You Can Make with Ingredients You Already Have at Hand!

New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry: An Architectural Three Dimensional Exploration of Shaping and Beading Wire.

Bead Chic: Learn How to Customize Your Jewelry Using a Variety of Approaches to Design.

Sparkletastic: Dazzling Designs for the Discriminating Diva

Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed: A Trio of Talented Designers Show What Happens When You Expose the Elements That Usually Remain Hidden

Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter on Etsy
Or if you'd like a one of a kind handmade work from one of my books...please do visit my Etsy Shoppe where I am adding these treasures at outrageously affordable prices daily!  Huzzah!  Let the holiday cheer spread forth with abandon!


Anonymous said...

ok mag,
need to ask, i am doing the earring stuff like i told you, now i want to do some rings, which gadge or type of wire that isn't too strong could i use??
i am talking about the wrap rings with maybe some beads on top.

Margot Potter said...

Hi SallyJenn

I recommend 20 gauge half hard wire for rings. You can also go up to 18 gauge, but any thinner and the rings are not stable. I like Beadalon's German Style Wire, but that's my personal preference. If you use a soft wire, try hammering the shank to give it some stability. There are lots of great ring tutorials on the internet, have fun!