Retrofabulous Christmas Craftabration...Operation Smoky Mountain Christmas!

Victorian Snow Day Canvas Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate Copyright 2009

Operation Smoky Mountain Christmas has begun at Casa de Potter. I obsessive compulsively collected purchased a few (cough, cough) vintage Shiny Brite ornaments a few years back. You can find them on eBay, but the really spectacular ones cost a small fortune. I settled for the semi-spectacular due to budgetary constraints and the knowledge that breaking something that expensive and that old would be tragic. I'm what you might call...a bit spastic.  Quel suprise.

Vintage Shiny Brite ornaments in clear glass jars (got the jars at Michaels last year)

Various and sundry greenery and stuff...methinks this needs some garland and lights yet...

It's part of that whole impatient thing, which is not just a gimmick. It's truly who I am. So here is a sneak peek of where things are at the moment. There is more to come for the tree, I will share when it is complete. We have garland to drape along the loft and stairs. You know if I had my way the entire house would be dipped in glitter, but I shall show some restraint. There are so many vintage ornaments, I am running out of containers, but I shall soldier on and find more places to display them. We are on a budget this year, so I gathered some ever greenery from outside and spray painted some gathered twigs gold.

Tree in progress...

My husband insists the tree is filled with ornaments, but really, there are PLENTY of branches yet to adorn. As you can tell, the dogs completely agree with me.

Hmmm...not sure we like this holiday decorating hub bub...we will get back to you after this nap.

The Retrofabulous vintage inspired canvas above was a project for iLoveToCreate a few years back. I collect vintage post cards and this spectacular image is from the turn of the last century. I just plopped it into Photoshop and sized it to fit the canvas. Then I attached some broken rhinestone jewelry, vintage lace and vintage buttons. You can get the instructions to make something similar here, you can find vintage postcards on eBay. If you don't need them to be perfect, you can get them for a song. I just fix any flaws in Photoshop. Oh and I am a big, big fan of mini canvases!

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves!


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