Retrofabulous Christmas Craftabration: Dollar Store Christmas Stocking

Retrofabulous Dollar Store Stocking Copyright 2010 Margot Potter

This is a tricked out dollar store stocking I created last year using yet another scanned vintage postcard image from my Victorian postcard stash. The postcard was really beat up, but a little work in Photoshop and a quick resize and it looks simply fabu! (Do not be afraid to get the 'crafter's lot' of vintage post cards on eBay, there are diamonds in the rough lurking there!) I printed it on a sticky back canvas sheet and adhered it to the stocking adding a smattering of various and sundry gee gaws and doo dads I had around the studio. A few judiciously placed glitter was ready to go to the local VA Hospital and hopefully cheer up a vet for the holidays.

I like clean and simple design, a few too many gee gaws or doo dads and you've lost me. It seems hard to believe, I know, that someone so over the top likes simplicity, but it is true. I believe it was Coco Chanel who advised that before you leave the house you remove one accessory. Yes, well, same with crafts. Less is more. Well, more can be more too, but it all has to make sense and have synergy. It's hard sometimes to see things objectively when you've been staring at them for a while, but try taking away one thing and see if it doesn't bring it all to life.

Or perhaps, if you're afraid of gee gaws and doo dads, add one more. All things in moderation, including moderation.

Either way, a dollar store stocking can look quite rich with just the right combination of gee gaws and doo dads. That is all I am trying to say. Perhaps an editor is in order?!

Doo dad, doo dad.

Yes, I am officially losing it and no I have not been drinking egg nog.

Mistletoe Kisses,

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jafabrit said...

I love that you took something from a dollar store and made it so much more :)