ILovetoCreate Teen Crafts: Cupcake Sparkle T

It's another fab Teen Craft Project by Avalon Potter for ILovetoCreate!

I Heart Cupcakes!

Cupcake Sparkle T
Avalon Potter for ILoveToCreate Teen Crafts

"Teen crafted, Mom Approved."

I love baking cakes and decorating them with fondant, but I also love making and eating cupcakes! Really, who doesn't love a cupcake? Tulip has these super cute iron on words and embellishments that make it so easy to customize a simple t-shirt to celebrate anything you love!

White T-Shirt
Tulip Glam it Up Iron-on Studs (pink)
Tulip Glam it Up Iron-on Fashion Designs Large Cupcake pack
Tulip Express Yourself Iron-on Applique Cupcake

Tulip Mini Fashion Iron
Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool

1) Large Cupcake Pack – cut the text “cupcake” from the pack and position it on the shirt in the desired placement with the plastic side up. Cover with a thin cloth and press and hold your iron for 45-60 seconds. After it cools remove the plastic.

2) Cupcake Applique – position the cupcake image with the design side up. With your iron at the cotton setting, press and hold for 30 seconds. Turn the shirt inside out and press again with the iron for 30 seconds.

3) Iron-On Studs – I chose the pink studs to match the color of the cupcake text. Position the first stud with the glue side down in the middle of the shirt collar. Use applicator to attach each crystal, one at a time to maintain positioning.

Remember to turn your shirt inside out when you wash it!

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Georgene Lockwood said...

Nice one from a chip off the old (craft) block (blog). Nice work, Avalon!