How to Make Paper Snowflakes Guest Blogging for iLoveToCreate!

I had completely forgotten how to make paper snowflakes, but I had this idea for some upcycled magazine embellished gift bags and I decided to give myself a refresher course.  I am guest posting over at the iLoveToCreate blog today and you can get the tutorial to make the snowflakes and the bags!  I'll be sharing this project on an upcoming episode of DIY on the FLY for WBIR Live at Five at Four here in Knoxville too!

There will be a blizzard of paper snowflakes before I'm finished! 
Meanwhile, back in the studio...every ding of my cell phone is another book sold!  We give a "WOOT!" each time where hear that sound here at Casa de Potter!  It's the most amazing feeling to go from idea to finished concept and to have people buy it!  WOOT! Even better news, so far people are loving the book.  I'm getting lots of rave reviews.  Check out this review from the divine Miss Jean Yates!  We're only offering the introductory price until the end of this week, so if you're thinking about getting the book, now is the time!

I'm working on the prototypes for Phase Two of the new jewelry line with my patient and talented mother, so stay tuned!  

Good stuff happening behind the scenes and believe it or not...there's more!


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