iLoveToCreate Tori Spelling Inspired Pin This Necklace

iLoveToCreate Tori Spelling Inspired ‘Pin This’ Necklace
Margot Potter
“These are your grandmother’s crafts...ya gotta problem with that?”

My design process is a very intuitive one.  I see things, they spark ideas and off I go to figure out how to turn the ideas into reality.  Not everything works out the way it is in my mind, but that’s part of the fun of design.  These vintage wooden clothespins were part of an Estate Sale haul from several years back.  I knew there was a design in these, but what, I didn’t know.  Watching Craft Wars, I’ve been utterly charmed by Tori Spelling’s large scale whimsical necklaces.  This week I was going to make a Pop Craft Challenge inspired Dog Toy box, but honestly I was running out of time and feeling stressed until I stumbled on these clothespins, pictured Tori’s jewelry and it all came together.  My vintage craft magazines are filled with found object jewelry like this and I find it all such fun.  I am seriously smitten with this design. I can not wait to wear it to the big Craft and Hobby Association show I’m attending this week.  You could do something similar using clip style clothespins or golf tees would make a smaller scale but equally delightful design. 

11 ½”x4” vintage wooden clothespins
8 10mm crystal SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rounds
2 sterling or silver plated dapped French ear wires
2 sterling or silver plated EZ Crimp ends
2 silver tone or black size 2 crimp tubes or beads
.018 49 Strand Beadalon wire
2 metal loop topped craft screws
10.5” segment gun metal textured cable chain
Gun metal lobster clasp
Crafty Chica Paints: red, black, white
Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer matte finish
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue

2 pairs chain nose pliers
Mighty crimp tool
Flush cutters
Electric drill with 1/16” bit

Mark and drill holes in clothespins.  There is a hole in the center top of each (these are drilled side to side so the pin leg opening will hang forward on the wire.)  The second side to side drill hole is at the sides just above the top of the pin leg opening.  Repeat for 9 of your clothespins.

Make a small hole in the center top of two clothespins; these will be threaded with the loop top screws to create the earrings.

Paint all clothespins.  There top drilled pins are red.  Make three more red, three black and three white.  This will take several coats drying in between.  You can also sand in between coats.  Use a foam brush to paint and a small detail brush to reach inside of the pin legs.  Paint all sides.

Once pins are completely painted and dried, seal with spray sealer and allow to dry.

Cut a 10” segment of beading wire.  Thread an EZ Crimp end on one side, secure with Mighty Crimp tool.  We have a video that shows you how to do this here.

Thread 9 clothespins on the wire alternating colors.  Thread wire into a second EZ Crimp end.  Use chain nose pliers to grasp and pull wire through end pulling the clothespins taught, but not too stiff.  Use Mighty Crimp tool to secure wire, use flush cutters to cut off excess wire tail.  Thread a second wire into the lower hole opening on the outermost clothespin.  Thread on one of your crimp tubes, use chain nose pliers to compress tightly.
Slide a bead on the wire, thread into the next pin and repeat this process until you reach the final bead.  Thread the wire into the 9th clothespin, add a crimp tube, tighten wire to remove any slack and compress tube with chain nose pliers to secure.  Cut off excess wire with flush cutters.

Attach a jump ring to one of the EZ Crimp ends.  Repeat on the other side, adding the chain.  Finish by attaching a jump ring to the open end of your chain and add the clasp before securing closed.

To make earrings, thread a loop top screw into the pre-drilled opening.  Dab a little bit of Tacky Glue on the screw before inserting.  Use chain nose pliers to push and turn loop into opening until it is completely embedded.  Use chain nose pliers to attach ear wires loop tops by opening the loop on the earrings, sliding them into the loop and securing closed.


Sharon said...

This just makes me smile! Happy dance.

The Crafteelaydee said...

Wow, I am in the flashback machine! I taught this to Girl Scouts, in the century past... No lie.

andrea said...

I may or may not rip that off your neck at CHA..... Be afraid.