Retrofabulous Christmas Craftabration Project #1! Tiny Tinsel Wreath Pin!

Image Copyright 1967 Family Circle Christmas Helps MagazineCopyright 2009 Margot Potter
I have been devouring the stash of 1960s vintage Christmas mags I scored on eBay recently. There are so many fabulous ideas and so many hilariously kitschy concepts I can’t stop staring at them and making my poor husband look too. OH MY GOD! Look at this one! Hahahah! Wait...look at this one! No, no...this one! Hahahaha! Insert husband eye roll here...

Here’s an ab fab project from a Family Circle publication called Christmas Helps circa 1967. There are a ton of great ideas on this two page mixed media jewelry spread and I promise to share them here soon. This delightful concoction is whipped up with pipe cleaners wrapped with yarn to make some marvelously mod jewelry. I did a more traditional Christmas themed take on the concept with a wired tinsel yarn, a vintage miniature wooden accent and some sparkly CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements. You can find tiny holiday themed items at your local craft store and any beads or buttons or sequins will work here. Liquid Fusion helps secure things together.

(I have a huge yarn stash with some wildly fun fibers. Think of all of the funky things you could make with a wire base wrapped with yarn! I’d love to do a big bib style necklace of connected yarn circles...which is exactly the sort of kooky thing I’d make and never be able to sell for publication. Am I the only gal who likes oversized kitschy jewelry?!)
Tiny Tinsel Wreath Pin
Free Retro Holiday Craft Project
Copyright Margot Potter the The Impatient Crafter™
Wired tinsel
Miniature holiday accent item (vintage or new)
Crystals, sequins, buttons or other tiny trim
26 gauge Beadalon German Style WireSmall metal pin back
Liquid Fusion Glue

1. Create a 1.5” circle with your wired tinsel, wrapping one wire end around the end of the circle and continuing to wrap tinsel around the base until you’ve wrapped the entire base. Tuck the wire under after cutting off any excess.

2. Use 26 gauge German style wire to wrap crystals around the tinsel wreath, don’t overdo it or you lose the dimension of your tinsel. When you get to the bottom left side add some Liquid Fusion Glue and wire on your tiny accent element. Finish wrapping crystals and tuck wire into the base after clipping off excess.
3. Use tinsel wire to attach a pin back to the upper back of the wreath after adding some Liquid Fusion glue to secure it.
4. You can make several of these wreaths without the pin backs and do a jaunty necklace or add these to a barrette for a holiday hair accent...


jafabrit said...

I am so jealous, what a fabu stash, but at least we get to have a peek and you share some of it with us. thanks :)

TesoriTrovati said...

What a hoot! I love the picture of the model. She looks a bit plastic to me, but those baubles she has are bright and lovely. I think I would like to see that necklace you mention (and for the record, it is hard to give up those sort of thing...I have no problem getting them published as they usually come back to me, but sometimes I won't sell them, no way no how!) Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more retrofabulous fun. Enjoy the day! Erin

Robin Beam said...

Love it, Madge! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your fantabulous sleeve! Miss you MUCH!