Free Teen Craft Project Pretty in Pink T-shirt Margot Potter for I Love to Create

Pretty in Pink Altered T-Shirt
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This swanky top began life as a Fruit of the Loom boy’s value pack t-shirt. My daughter was mortified when I stood in the middle of the boy’s aisle at the store store and suggested OUT LOUD that we buy them and decorate them for her to wear. Can you imagine?

What is the fun of being a parent if you can’t humiliate your kid in public?

All joking aside...I wanted something with a more generous cut so I had more fabric with which to work. I always have a plan, even if it appears evil to my tortured teen.


That was my evil parent laugh.

Okay’s the project!
Pretty in Pink Altered T-shirt
Teen Craft Project
Margot Potter for I Love to Create


Fruit of the Loom bulk pack white boy’s t-shirt
Black grosgrain ribbon ½” thick
3 safety pins
Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Hot Pink, Soft Pink, Violet Pink
Tulip Metallics Dimensional Fabric Paint Black
Crafty Chica Glitter Be Bop Black

Aleene’s Stop Fraying
Complements Border Stencil Graceful
ToolsStencil brush
Bubble wrap
Fabric scissors
T-shirt form or cardboard insert to slide between tshirt layers while decorating
Heat tool

1. Pre-wash t-shirt. Slide your t over an insert or a form. This prevents the paints from seeping on to the back of your shirt.

2. Use your fingers to scrinkle the shirt on the left side. Spray a thin wash of each color, don’t overspray! Work paint from left to right, making coverage less dense on the right side.

3. Rescrinkle (it’s suggested that you wear gloves for this step.) Paint another thin wash of your colors. Allow to dry.

4. Pour black fabric paint on bubble wrap...spread with brush.

5. Dab on t, filling in the center of the spray painted areas. Allow to dry.

6. Place stencil on an angle across painted part of t.

7. Use stencil brush to apply black paint through stencil, dabbing the brush as you work to prevent paint from slipping under stencil.

8. While paint is still wet and stencil is still on your shirt. Pinch glitter on wet paint and gently rub in with your finger. Use a heat tool to adhere glitter, don't overheat or you'll melt your stencil! Remove stencil after paint has dried.

9. Cut neckline from shirt, leaving a 1” border on each shoulder. Cut along the top seam on the right border.

10. Use safety pins to secure this closed.

11. Cut along the top of each sleeve working up to the seam.

12. Cut a small slit on each side of the opening on the bottom of each sleeve.

13. Thread with a ribbon, tie ribbon and cut ends on the diagonal.

14. Cut a small slit on each side of the seam at the shoulder on the left side. Thread and tie another ribbon..

15. Use Aleene’s Stop Fraying on ribbon ends and allow to dry. Remove ribbons and safety pins when washing shirt.


TesoriTrovati said...

You are really more brilliant than you know, Miss Madge. And I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who tortures my {pre}teen...although I wouldn't be able to get away with pink and ribbons for him.
Enjoy the day!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

It isn't just parents...grandparents love to embrass kids too. Trust me, my grannie got me really good one day in a public place and I was in my 30's, I actually could not speak for several minutes if you know me in real life, that is a record LOLOLOLOL!


Jen said...

I love this shirt, it's so 100% me! I am definitely going to make this and I'll post the results on FB and send to you...I love it Margot, you are so super talented!! When is your stuff for Fiskars going to air?!

Rebekah said...

That shirt is way cool!