Free Halloween Craft Project: Drop Dead Gorgeous Mixed Media Necklace!

All designs, images and text copyright Margot Potter
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Drop Dead Gorgeous
A Darkly Romantic Short Story
Copyright Margot Potter

She was walking home from an evening of dancing with her friends. It was late. The streets were empty. Perhaps she'd had one too many glasses of chardonnay...perhaps...okay definitely. Her hips swayed in a syncopated rhythm as she struggled to maintain the illusion of sobriety. In the city, a girl needs to have her wits about her. One never knows what might happen if she doesn't.

She heard the faint sound of footsteps about a block behind her. Slow and methodical and most definitely male. She casually turned her head and saw him. Tall, dark, pale, dressed head to toe in black. He was strikingly handsome and she was sure she'd seen him before, but where? He smiled slightly and she quickly turned around. Something about this felt off. She was only a block away from her apartment and she needed to focus. Where was that key...she reached into her purse and began rummaging. Five different shades of lipstick, two lip glosses, a wallet, some breath mints...damn...she knew it was in there. She tried to ignore the footsteps behind her as they quickened.

She wanted to stop so she could find that damn key, but he was getting closer and she didn't dare give him any indication of vulnerability.

"Just keep walking, you'll find the key." She told herself.

He'd been watching her for months. He had spent centuries looking for the perfect red head and she fit the bill. His first love had been a red head...and...well...they'd had a complex relationship. That was in the past and this girl, this girl was most definitely the future. He'd waited patiently for an opportunity to get her alone. He would make her his. He would show her things that would blow her mind. They would travel the world, seize every moment, drink every last drop of every evening from sunset to sunrise...for eternity.

She heard him begin to whistle. Soft and slow. She recognized the tune. It was an old song that was meant to be darkly romantic...and one she happened to love...but it took on a darkly sinister tone here in the quiet of the city night. Then he began to sing softly. Find the key, find the key...

"I put a spell on you..."

Damn where the hell is that key? I know it's in here. Fine tip marker...subway ticket stub...another lipstick. Why do I have so many lipsticks? I always wear the same color. Still no key.

"Because your mine."

He was right behind her. She was only a few feet from her front door. She could hear his raspy breathing and the song was crawling under her skin. Should she yell? Was she being paranoid? What if he was just a guy, walking home? He probably lived in the neighborhood, they'd probably stood in line at Starbucks together. Sure. Calm down. He's just a guy. The key...she found it.

Then she felt his hand slowly slide around her left arm...

"I put a spell on you."

She tried to break free, but his grip was too strong. She started to scream, but his right hand covered her mouth in an instant. She felt his hot breath on her neck...then she felt his teeth...

"Because your mine."

"Drop dead, gorgeous."

Ah, Halloween.

I don't usually like horror flicks or shows, but give me a good twist and a complex hero or heroine and you may just have me. There is nothing quite like a villain who has redemptive qualities, something in the human psyche finds that endlessly compelling, which is why vampires are iconic and Dexter is a hit show. We are simultaneously drawn towards and repulsed by these dark characters. So here is the first in my bi-weekly offerings of Halloween themed projects...BOO!

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Copyright 2009
Margot Potter
For inspiration purposes only and not intended for resale

Tim Holtz Fragments large square pendant
Tim Holtz Ornate Plates
Tim Holtz Foliage Flowers in gun metal
Tim Holtz link chain in gun metal
Tim Holtz link chain toggle clasp circle only
Tim Holtz Grunge Paper
6 5mm CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements rounds

18 gauge dark annealed iron wire (Metalliferous)
Beadalon BeadFix AdhesiveTraci Bautista Collage Pauge Matte
Crafty Chica paint in redAleene's Liquid FusionEdwardian script font size 12 "Drop Dead Gorgeous" printed on white paper
Dover Books permission free
Great Anatomical Drawings skeleton image printed on white paper

Round nose pliers
Memory wire cutters
2 pairs chain nose pliers
Hole punch (1/16")

1. Create the words Drop Dead Gorgeous in a document on your computer using Edwardian Script ITC font in size 20. (Or similar vintage style font) Print. Trace with acrylic pendant and cut paper.

2. Mark and punch a small hole in paper so it’s in the same spot as the hole in the tile.

3. Adhere paper to back of tile with a thin layer of Collage Pauge. Seal back of paper with another thin layer of Collage Pauge. Allow to dry.

4. Use an old toothbrush or a small paintbrush to flick a small amount of red paint across surface of acrylic tile. Allow to dry.
5. Print Dover skeleton image. Place metal frame over image, centering skull. Trace around inside edge of frame using a pencil and reaching under the lip. Cut out image.

6. Place frame on grungeboard paper. Trace around inside of edge as before and cut paper. Adhere image to grungeboard with decoupage medium. Allow to dry.

7. Glue image edge to lip on frame using a thin bead of Liquid Fusion. Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium on image. Allow to dry.

8. Use the Beadalon jump ring making tool to create 2 15mm jump rings with the iron wire. Cut rings with Memory Wire shears (iron wire will ruin your regular cutters.)

9. Attach pendants together with jump rings.

10. Glue small flower on top of the hole in fragments tile with jeweler’s glue. (Make sure you don’t cover the hole!)

11. Glue a second flower on the lower left side of the pendant. Glue a crystal in the center of the flower. Allow the glue to cure.

12. Create a large hook using the iron wire

. Thread five crystals on a length of steel wire. Create loops on both sides.
14. Attach loops to chain on one side and your hook clasp on the other.

15. Slide chain through top jump ring on your pendant. Attach the circle end of the toggle clasp to the open end of your chain.


TesoriTrovati said...

Ooh...creepy! And crafty too! The story really sells the necklace, Madge. Nicely done! Enjoy the day! Erin

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

This is such a cool necklace & spooky story! Thanks for sharing!


dochoamom said...

Oh Margot that gave me chills.... Love it!!! talented writer too... great necklace thanks for sharing...


Lisa Crone said...

Oh come on!! This is just TOO COOL!! You certainly have a direct line to your inspiration!!

chinamommy said...

just found you & am i GLAD i did!!!! love that necklace & all your tips are so appreciated!
~chinamommy- the cutie cupcake girl :)

Anonymous said...

Margot, you're a very gifted writer. Your story is intriguing and scary. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing. How could anyone resist a drop dead necklace and a story to boot?:)Hope you're having a phenomenal week, my friend!


Sherri said...

Enjoyed the story and the necklace! Thanks for sharing...

Cyndi L said...

Oh that is *so* funny! You don't even notice the skull at would be fun to wear and see how many people are paying attention ;-)

Alexa said...

Love the mix of the story + the necklace. Very haunting and beautiful - both pieces!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I love the symbolism and double entendre in your necklace ... in the words and all the little details like the fake blood. At first one just notices a stylish necklace ... and then ... he starts to sing softly behind you ... his hand touches your shoulder ... you turn slowly to see ... hee hee

Thank you for the detailed instructions. Very helpful!

Kat, The Fearless Crafter said...

Another home run! Love the story as much as this gorgeous necklace!

Tammy said...

I love how you put the skeleton's picture in a cameo type setting!

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Awesome! Loved the story!

Melissa J. Lee said...

The skull is brilliant (I love the Dover Press books!) and the story sets a wonderful mood for the piece - perfect in every way!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!
I love the skeleton with the phrase underneath.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful and creepy too. Love it.

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

margot you have opened some doors for em today...i have been searching for a way to make jewelry from my art and these Tim Holtz doodads are just what i need...i am off on a merry search...hugs and thanks

rebecca/cre8tiva are my dream doer this friday on my blog