Free Mixed Media Jewelry Project: Red Riding Hood Glass Pendants

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Free Mixed Media Jewelry Project
Red Riding Hood Glass Pendants

Copyright 2009 Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter
My friend Homer H. Hillis of
HHH Enterprises has a never ending array of fabulous new toys for the mixed media crafter. He sent me some new Our Glass pieces recently that are totally awesome. They’re thick, they’re smooth and they are optically clear. That means whatever you put behind them is slightly magnified. He also sent a roll of 3/4” thick foil tape to help seal the images. Beadalon just came out with glue friendly pendant bails and BeadFix glue in sheets!

Can you say, “Match made in heaven?!”

I kept this simple and straightforward, so I can use them as striking focal elements in some new designs. The images are from a recycled vintage children’s book I purchased this past weekend. You can opt for permission free images or other images that suit your style. I love recycling fashion magazines. Don’t scan and manipulate images on the computer unless they’re permission free though, using the actual page is recycling, copying the page is copyright infringement.

Vintage Children’s Book Pages with Small Detailed Images
HHH Enterprises Our Glass Wafers/Bubble Glass
Beadalon Glue-on Pendant Bails

Beadalon Bead Fix Adhesive Squares
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue
ToolsBone folder
tim holtz for Tonic non-stick ScissorsMarker

1. Place Our Glass wafer over selected image and trace with a marker.

2. Cut out with scissors.

3. Spread a thin, even film of adhesive on wafer and adhere to glass.

4. Use fingers to gently work out any bubbles under glass. Allow adhesive to cure.

5. Place tape over back of decoupaged glass, if rectangle or square shape, leave an overlapped edge that is flush with top edge of glass. (If round glass, leave a small 1/6” edge. Designer note: You may need to add a second layer of adhesive to get the tape to adhere and stay there.) Mark and cut with scissors. Use bone folder to burnish tape edges flush to glass.

6. Adhere tape. Repeat adhering tape strips moving from top to bottom of back of pendant until finished.

7. Place flat side of bail on back of glue square and use as a guide while you cut out glue to fit bail.

8. Adhere bail to center top at the back of the pendant.

9. Use your bone folder to smooth out any wrinkles in the tape.

10. If you'd like, you can add a layer of solder to seal everything inside or you can opt to leave it as is. If you're hard on your jewelry or plan to wear this often, I suggest the solder!

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves!
xoxo, Madge


Unknown said...

LOVE! These are delightful.

Chris said...

fabulous. so many images I love can be worn this way. GREAT.

TesoriTrovati said...

How cool is that? I love the recycled nature and there are so many vintage books with great designs in them. I think the roll tape is great. I will have to check that out. Thanks for your crafty goodness today! Enjoy the day! Erin

Margot Potter said...

So glad you like these!

Madge said...

These are fabulous! I am going to have to pick up some of those sheets! Thanks tons for the wonderful project, I'll be linking.

Margot Potter said...

Thanks, Rachel!


Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Great idea! I've been in love with your designs since I saw your feature in the Get Creative magazine!