Free Mixed Media Jewelry Making Project Upcycled Spiral Spirograph Necklace!

Upcycled Spiral Spirograph Necklace Copyright 2009 Margot Potter
I love a good estate sale. Especially when they've got a ton of old paper and games and no one else wants them. There aren't many places these days where you can get that much fun for a quarter! Woo hoo!

I bought a Spirograph set and a bunch of old books at a local sale last year. I knew immediately that I wanted to make the pieces into jewelry. Yes, in my world, EVERYTHING can be repurposed and ANYTHING can be jewelry. Well, almost anything. A little adirondack ink, some old medical book pages, a little Mod Podge, a few well place drill holes...voila!

I submitted the concept to a magazine, they loved it. I sent them a pic of the finished project, they loved it. I sent them the project and had to go on eBay to buy a second game for the "before" photo for the article (for a lot more than a quarter as apparently Spirograph is a big ticket item over there. Who knew?) Unfortunately, the magazine decided not to run this quirky set.
Insert trombone

Maybe one day it will come home to me so that I might enjoy wearing it! I plan to do some more with the plethora of Spirograph pieces I've amassed. Yay for thrifty goodness!

Their loss is your gain my fine friends!

Spiral Spirograph Necklace
Copyright 2009 Margot Potter


7 Vintage Spirograph wheels in varied sizes
Old book paper
3 6mm
olivine CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements rounds
3 6mm
indicolite CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements bicones
9 10mm
silver plated jump rings
Silver plated ring back
5-link section, 6-link section Quick Links ovals chain
silver plated swivel lobster clasp6 silver plated ball tipped head pins
Ranger Alcohol inks lettuce, bottleMod Podge Matte
Dazzle Tac glue

2 pairs chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Electric Drill with 1/16” bit
Ink applicator with Felt PadScissors
Marking pen

1. Apply inks to backs of Spirograph pieces using applicator tool and felt. Continue working until you reach desired effect. Allow to dry.

2. Trace Spirograph pieces on to old book paper. Cut paper with scissors or craft knife.
3. Use Mod Podge to glue paper to back of game pieces. Allow to dry.
4. Paint a coat of Mod Podge on backs of game pieces. Allow to dry.
5. Mark holes with pen and drill. There are existing holes you may be able to use, so survey the pieces before you drill!
6. Connect pieces as you desire using jump rings and two pairs of chain nose pliers.
7. Attach chain segments to the game pieces on each end of your center design using 10mm jump rings and chain nose pliers.
8. Create coil topped dangles with the crystals. Attach to a 10mm jump ring and to the second link from the center on the longer chain.
9. Attach lobster clasp to the longer chain using a 10mm jump ring.
10. Attach a second jump ring to the end of the shorter chain.
11. Use Dazzle Tac to attach a smaller game piece on a larger piece. Glue the back of the larger piece to the flat top of the ring blank. Allow to dry.
SuppliesSpirograph pieces and old book paper from estate sale, alcohol inks Ranger, crystals CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements, ring blanks Ornamentea, findings and chain Beadalon


Juli Nocita said...

Okay, so this is incredibly awesome. I agree, by the way, anything can be turned into jewelry.

TesoriTrovati said...

You are a crafty Goddess (but you already knew that didn't you?) I love that you can see the possibilities in even the most mundane things. I love to repurpose found objects into jewelry. I love the jolt that I see on people's faces when they recognize the item as something not of the jewelry world. Priceless. And I have to concur about the "their loss is our gain" comment...I just had the same thing happen to me. It really blows when you put so much work in, they express interest that is way more than passing, you get excited because you believe you will have a particular piece published, and then it returns home to you with a note that says thanks but no thanks. I think your design is completely inspired. And I wouldn't have known it was Spirograph if you hadn't pointed that out! Make it your own! You are awesome. Enjoy the day, Miss Margot! Erin

Anonymous said...

Well that magazine editor was plain ignorant, because this is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! Love it!

Unknown said...

way cool! i just bought a Spirograph set at urban outfitters recently! love the necklace idea!

*.:。✿♫RB♫✿.。.:* said...

This is very , but very pretty craft never seen before!! I love it !! how much does it cost?
Thanks for posted it

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