Terroriffic Tuesday Runs With Scissors Bracelet

Here's my offering for next Tuesday's Terroriffic Tuesday Round Up. It's a very simple to create charm bracelet using a genius bracelet blank from the folks at Fusion Beads and fabulous ceramic beads from Earthenwood Studio. You can change it up to suit your style or make your own quirky charms to add to the mix, in fact I encourage you do to so. This is much more of an "impatient crafter™" idea than last week's design, this one you should be able to whip up in about an hour or so. I think this is one of those ideas you could work a whole Runs with Scissors costume around.

Or you could just wear it because it's fun. It's certainly got year round appeal in my style book.

Until Saturday...craft on with you bad selves.


Runs with Scissors
Terroriffic Tuesday #2
Free Project for Personal Use Only (No resale please)
Copyright 2008 Margot Potter
The Impatient Crafter™

This wonderfully wicked bracelet features beads from Earthenwood Studio combined with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements crystals and a scissors button from Streamline. For those who know the hazards of crafting far too well and yet continue to play with sharp objects, toxic substances and messy paints and inks, this bracelet is for you. Scary? Yes but oddly appealing and incredibly simple to whip up at a moment’s notice.


Skully Muertos Charm Earthenwood Studio
8 candy red pumpkin pair beads (a.k.a. four pairs)
7 8mm eight ball beads (can be replaced with bones or mini hearts)
7 mini skull beads from Mexico
16 3mm crystal vitriol rounds
14 3mm jet rounds
7 4mm black diamond rounds
7 4mm Indian red rounds
1 metal scissors button/charm
1 sterling bracelet blank with loops
23 5mm silver plated or sterling jump rings
36 silver plated or sterling head pins

Round nose pliers
2 pairs chain nose pliers
Wire cutters

1. Create 16 coiled dangles using pumpkin beads with 2 crystal vitriol rounds on each side of the beads to prevent the head pin from sliding out.
2. Create 7 coiled dangles using mini skulls with 2 jet rounds on each side of the beads to prevent the head pin from sliding out.
3. Create coiled dangles for 7 mini eight ball beads.
4. Create coiled dangles for 7 black diamond rounds and 7 Indian red rounds.
5. Assemble the bracelet by attaching the charms in the following pattern: Attach scissors and ‘Skully’ bead to a bracelet loop on a jump ring using two pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close ring, attach a pumpkin bead on a jump ring to the next loop, attach a mini skull on a jump ring to the next loop along with an eight ball and the Indian red and jet beads on the same loop on a separate jump ring...continue alternating between single pumpkin beads and mini skull/eight ball/crystal combo working around bracelet loops until you reach the final loop and pumpkin bead.
6. Check the jump rings carefully to ensure they are closed. (Designer tip: Make sure when you are closing each one that you are creating tension in the ring so it remains secure. There should be no exposed space between the two ends of your ring. You do this by pushing them gently together as you pass the ends by one another until they click into place.)


Skully, eight ball and pumpkin beads
Earthenwood Studio, crystals CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements, bracelet blank Fusion Beads, jump rings and head pins Beadalon, scissors button Streamline, Mexican skull beads Eyes Gallery Philadelphia


gail said...

Hi Margot,,, this is awesome. I love it.Thanks for sharing. Have a great time at AC Moore..Happy creating..gail

Alexa said...

That is so super fun. You did a great job with this!!!

Margot Potter said...

Gail and Alexa

Thank you both!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is fabulous, I love the look! I'll be linking to this in my next Halloween Roundup.

Margot Potter said...


Thank you so much!


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Margot,

Earthenwood is the best! Good simple use of those beads to great effect!

at Rings & Things

Margot Potter said...


Thank you! Melanie rocks!

I am a huge fan of Rings n Things, thanks for having such a great line up of product and informative website.


Melissa J. Lee said...

I love jangly bangles, and I love Earthenwood beads - what a great combination!

Phyllis Dobbs said...

This is so cute and will be fun to wear.

Margot Potter said...


Thank you my friend! Melanie makes the coolest beads, it's true!


Margot Potter said...


Thank you!


Anonymous said...

very cool bracelet Margot!

Margot Potter said...


Thank you!


Michelle McGee said...

LOVE the bracelet!

barbe said...

precious! a friend made me a 'runs with scissors" embroidered badge a few years ago-MUST find it now!!

gonna post this on Craft Gossip-probably today!

Kat, The Fearless Crafter said...

Being Native American, when I heard the title all I could think of was a wacky name that a Native might give a child.. :D

I like your interpretation much better! You always design awesome things.

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhhh, the bracelet is so scrumptious! I love it! I'm so glad you're participating in this group of artists on display! I love seeing your work! Beautiful piece!