Hooty the Halloween Hoot Owl Terrorific Tuesday Free Jewelry Project

Hooty the Halloween Hoot Owl Halloween Jewelry Set copyright 2008 Margot Potter( Click on Image to See Close Up)
I finally stopped obsessing over this design yesterday afternoon. My initial concept was to create a paper crafting focused jewelry set that had a kitschy retro appeal. I think I achieved that goal, but it is (much like the creatrix who crafted it) not exactly perfect. I tweaked it several times, but sometimes you have to know when to walk away! Enjoy this free project and check back Saturday for TastyLinks™ and look for lots of links to a vast array of Halloween themed crafty creations on next week's installment of Terrorific Tuesday.

Hooty the Halloween Hoot Owl
Pendant and Earrings
Copyright 2009 Margot Potter
For Personal Use Only

Hooty the Halloween Hoot Owl says, “Boo!” He’s not a very talkative owl, but you get the message. Actually if you count the earrings, he says, “Boo. Boo. Boo.” So he’s actually more talkative than he seems at first glance. He’s either trying to scare you or he’s really sad. This set is made of paper, therefore you have to handle it with some care or it might just disappear on you, in which case it will be you crying, “Boo. Boo. Boo.”


2 ¾”x1.5” thin chipboard tags
2.5”x1.5” thin chipboard tag
Die Cuts with a View Mini Stack with Striped black, white and grey paper
Plain white paper
Dover Art Deco Motifs Owl
Micron Pen .01
Ranger Ink Adirondack Sunset Orange Ink
Ranger Ink Jet Black Archival Ink
Ranger Ink Stickles Orange Peel
Ranger Ink Foam Ink Applicator
Mod Podge Paper Gloss
Inkadinkado Dawn Hauser 8492-L star stamp
Hampton Art Studio G alphabet stamp set VS5731
2 crystal satin silver CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements rounds
5 4mm fire opal Swarovski bicones
5 4mm jet Swarovski rounds
2 silver plated eye pins
2 silver plated dapped French ear wires
19 strand .018 Beadalon wire
Size 2 silver plated crimp tube
2 10mm heavy duty white jump rings
2 5mm silver plated jump rings
2 skull charms
2mm white ball chain and connector (16”)
ToolsPhoto manipulation software (I used Photoshop)
Publishing software (I used Microsoft Publisher)
Round nose pliers
2 pairs chain nose pliers
Paint brush
1/9” hole punch

1. Drag owl image into photo software. Size to fit tag (about 1” wide by 1 ¼” tall.) Save.
2. Drag saved owl into publishing software in a blank publication. I made multiple owls on a sheet so I could make more pendants later.
3. Cut out an owl leaving a thin white border.
4. Trace tags on lined scrapbook paper.
5. Cut out paper to fit front of tags.
6. Use letter stamps to stamp “BOO” on plain white paper vertically. Make three of the same size. Cut out. Use Micron pen to make letters look spookier.
7. Glue lined paper to tags.
8. Stamp stars in orange ink on tags. Work orange ink from edges of paper with foam applicator using a circular motion. Allow to dry.
9. Edge owl and words with orange ink using applicator working your way from edges into paper using a circular motion. Allow to dry.
10. Adhere owl to right edge of large tag and 'boo' to left edge of owl. Adhere two more 'boo's to smaller tags on left edge. Allow to dry
11. Paint a layer of Mod Podge in diagonal strokes over tags. Allow to dry. Paint a second layer of Mod Podge in opposite diagonal strokes. Allow to dry. This creates a nice texture.
12. Paint a layer of Mod Podge on back of tags and allow to dry.
13. Apply a thin edge of orange peel Stickles around tags. Dab small splotches of Stickles on stars. Allow to dry.
14. Use small hole punch to puncture through paper covered tags at the existing hole in each tag. Add a new hole to the center bottom of each smaller tag.
15. Side a 3” section of wire into large tag hole. Thread a single jet round on the end that comes through the back of tag. Thread 5 fire opal and 4 jet beads alternating between colors on the end that comes through the front of the tag. Thread both ends into opposite sides of a crimp tube.
16. Secure ends taut and compress tube with chain nose pliers. Cut off excess wire tails.
17. Created a double looped rosary style bead with each eye pin using the 8mm crystal satin silver rounds.
18. Thread a 10mm jump ring into each of the smaller tags, add a double looped bead and secure. 19. Add a French wire to the top of each double looped bead.
20. Attach a skull charm to the bottom of each earring using a 5mm jump ring.
21. Thread ball chain through beaded bail and secure with connector.

Owl image Art Deco Motifs Dover Books
, scrapbook paper Die Cuts with a View, inks, foam applicator and stickles Ranger Ink, crystals Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements, ball chain and heavy duty jump rings Rings n’ Things, findings and wire Beadalon, star stamp Inkadinkado, letter stamp Hampton Art, skull charms Sacred Kitsch StudioBut wait...there's more! Bonus Project!

“S P O O K Y” bracelet!
Copyright 2008 Margot Potter
For personal use only
(7” finished length)

Here’s a tasty little treat for your wrist that’s entirely calorie free! It looks great on its own and even more fab worn alongside the Hooty set. Can you tell I like saying “hooty?” Hee.


4 6mm hematite bicones
12 4mm fire opal CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements bicones
11 4mm jet ab CSE bicones
5 4mm black diamond CSE bicones
Plastic letter beads to spell “s p o o k y”
2 EZ Crimp ends
1 silver plated large swivel lobster
2 silver plated 5mm jump rings
1 silver plated skull charm
3 silver plated head pins
19 strand .018 Beadalon wire


2 pairs chain nose pliers
Mighty Crimp Tool
Bead Board

1. Place your beads on the bead board in the following pattern: fire opal, jet, black diamond, jet, fire opal, hematite repeat and add S, fire opal, P, jet, O, fire opal, O, jet, K, fire opal, Y, jet and repeat initial pattern twice.

2. Attach wire to EZ-Crimp using Mighty Crimp Tool to compress end closed.
3. Thread beads on working from bead board left to right.
4. Thread wire into second EZ-Crimp using chain nose pliers to pull wire flush to end of last bead.
Round bracelet before securing closed so it’s not too stiff when worn.
5. Compress end of EZ Crimp as before.
6. Attach a jump ring and a lobster clasp to one end of bracelet and a jump ring to the other.
7. Create coiled dangles with one fire opal, one jet and one black diamond crystal. Attach these and the skull charm on a 5mm jump ring to the plain jump ring side of your bracelet.

Crystals CYSWCSE
, letters JoAnns Fabric, skull charm Sacred Kitsch Studio , hematite available at most major bead retailers, wire and findings Beadalon
Don't forget! I'll be at AC Moore's grand re-opening in Middletown, New Jersey this Saturday from 12-2pm signing books and sharing beading basics with Beadalon and Jolee's Jewels products! Come and see me!


Alexa said...

You went above and beyond! This is super swell!

Dave Robertson said...

Hey, my favorite holiday and you've done it up right! Very cool jewelry. :) And thank you for pointing out some of our supplies!


at Rings & Things

Anonymous said...

I love it all, but my favorite is the necklace! Looks like those sleepless nights paid off! :)

-- Valerie @ HHH Enterprises

Margot Potter said...

Thanks guys! This one was a bit of a struggle, but it turned out well in the end!


Anonymous said...

Especially like the earrings, you could really wear those around just about any time, not just Halloween.

Margot Potter said...


I think so too! You could do the stamping in red and have a totally different look.


Phyllis Dobbs said...

Margot, these are really fabulous pieces of jewelry!

Kat, The Fearless Crafter said...

What a fantabulous set!

Melissa J. Lee said...

We love anything with owls in this house! The retro feel is very inviting, as well.