Bringing the Sparkle

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Of all of the creative things I do, I think writing is my favorite. I love opening up my brain and my heart and letting the words trip off of my fingertips on to a keyboard.  Tap, tap, tap...tappity tap.

I process things through writing.  It's a catharsis and it brings clarity.  Some may scream it out or punch it out or paint it out...but for me it almost always comes down to writing it out.

I used to share my sad stories in my blog.  But I don't anymore.  We all have sad stories. It's part of being human. I do believe it is important to speak them and release them, I just don't know if the internet is where that has to happen.  Sad stories mostly just make us sad.  Angry words mostly just make us angry.  Divisive thoughts mostly just divide.

I want to tell happy stories, that mostly just make me and you, gentle reader, happy.

The world needs a lot more sparkle and a lot less snark. 

It is my new and improved mission to bring more sparkle and less snark.

Words are powerful.  Choose them wisely.

I choose "joy."

I love this definition  of "joy" from BraveHeart Women.

"We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dream."  from Ode by Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Sparkle on,


DVArtist said...

Great post. I agree

Sarah Sequins said...

Margot, that's such a cute necklace! I love pink and black together. Pink and black is the new black. ;)

Also, you don't have to publish this comment if it seems too spammy, but since you're one of the sparkliest people I know, how would you like to participate in my September blog hop? It's all about sequins:

Margot Potter said...

Thanks, gals! I will check it out!