The TWELVE (Retrofabulous) Crafts of Christmas! Day One!

Make Christmas Pretty...With Balls! (And Brini, Madge and MaryEllen)

Yup, I'm all over it like glitter on a glue stick! Welcome to the Twelve Crafts of Christmas here at The Impatient Crafter blog. Today's kick off is a video produced by my dear friend Brini Maxwell. We met up in her former Manhattan flat a couple of years back and had a blast playing with balls! Deck the halls...with balls! Huzzah!  Brini's alter ego, Ben Sander, has launched a fascinating new site called The Obscurity Factor, if you love movies and have got to go check it out. 

Stay tuned for more holiday retrofabulosity, Avalon has created a tiny masterpiece for tomorrow's post.


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