Drew Potter-copyright Margot Potter 

In the fifteen years that my husband and I have been together, he has been my number one fan and supporter. Every kooky, cockamamie idea I have had, he has championed without wavering. He cheers me on, he cheers me up, he wipes away the tears, he puts bandages on the bruises, he takes care of the familia when I'm swamped with deadlines, he hands me a glass of wine when I need to unwind.

He designs, wraps, packs, ships and is the head elf at Margot Potter studios.

He has helped me make at least a gazillion audition videos.

Videos for show host auditions, videos for home shopping host auditions, videos for TV show auditions, videos for YouTube, videos for contests, videos for clients...

When I was a semi-finalist in a national American Music vocal competition, he drove me and our then infant daughter from Philly to Savannah. When I freaked out the judges by actually singing country music without an opera interpretation and was cut from the competition in the second round, he assured me they were insane and I was fabulous. I did get a standing ovation...and Margaret Whiting assured me I had a future in Country Music.

One of these days I'll get back to that career, I mean, who am I to argue with Margaret Whiting?

When I was a host finalist at QVC...three times...and did not get the job...three times...he was there. When I was asked to create a jewelry making show for a home shopping network and it got dropped after months of hard work...he was there.  When my product line with a big manufacturer fell through after a year...yup, he was there.  When I had to resign from a big job because of a miserable situation...he helped me find the strength to do it.

When I was on the "short list" to host a big craft show...three times...and jumped through endless hoops to make it happen...and they did not hire me...he told me it was their loss.

When other people have shut me down, used me, talked crap about me, knocked me over, stepped over me to get theirs and effectively kept me out of the party (even the ones to which I helped them score an invitation)...he has helped me keep it real. When I lose heart, lose faith, feel battered and defeated...he is there.

Yup. Without him, I'm not sure I'd be here.

He reminds me to keep shining, keep trying, keep heart and keep faith and he never, ever, even for a moment doubts that I will succeed.

So today, I am thankful for Drew. Yay Drew! I love you, honey.



Julianna Hudgins said...

This is the most heart felt love letter that I have ever read. Your genuin love and appreciation for your husband is profound.
He is right, you will shine brighter than anything you could ever imagine.
Your love and passion for helping people will rise above everything else!
Love you jewels :)

Pearl said...

Margot, this is beautiful. There is something so comforting to know that you have your best friend and biggest champion by your side. Cheers to you both!

And I adore the elf in your header ;)

TesoriTrovati said...

That is so beautiful. I am so glad there is a Drew-elf to keep Miss Madge and the whole sparkly nation afloat! You are a shining star, Miss Madge, I don't care what they say.

Keep on shining.
Enjoy the day.

Margot Potter said...

I am blessed indeed. Not to mention my other amazing cheerleader and my best creation, Avalon. She'll get her own post. As will my mom.


Sarah Sequins said...

Margot, I'm so glad you found such a wonderful and supportive man! You deserve him, there's no doubt about it.

Having a support system is so important for an artist. I'm grateful that I found Mr. Sequin five years ago, because he's definitely been my rock through all the ups and downs. My life got so much better when I met him, and I'm always ecstatic to learn that other people have found True Love. :)

flyingbeader said...

What a wonderful letter to Drew. I think many of us have a wonderful partner who helps them through good & rough times too. Drew does sound like a dream & your perfect shoulder. My husband is great too. He holds my hand when I'm sick or grieving or just plain mad! He makes me salmon patties and tea. He's always there for me.

jafabrit said...

This was so sweet Margot, and you are both blessed :)

It is during the rough times when you really find out who truly cares for you :)

Happy Holidays to you and your loved one's.