iLoveToCreate: Retrofabulous Christmas Craftabration Bedecked Christmas Stocking

Madge and Her Retrofabulous Christmas Stocking!

Better Homes and Gardens 1966 Christmas Helps (Note the doodle someone did on the candle flames back in the day...hee.)

The stockings are hung...inspiration from BHG 1966 Christmas Helps

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Vintage Inspired Christmas Stocking
Copyright Margot Potter

"These are your grandmother's crafts™...ya gotta problem with that?"

Ho, Ho, Happy Holidaze! It's time for another Retrofabulous Christmas Craft project inspired by the crafts of yore! Huzzah! This project was inspired by a simply lovely set of burlap stockings from a 1966 Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Helps magazine. I used a pre-made wool felt stocking and some vintage inspired trim and within moments (and without a sewing machine) had a simply fabulous stocking with a little help from Aleene's Fashion Fusion products! We have a brand new The Impatient Crafter video coming with both the stocking AND the gift tag project (featuring Aleene's AWESOME Dry Adhesives) stay tuned!

Fabric Christmas Stocking with plain folded top
Ribbon trim thick enough to fit top of stocking (mine was 2.5" and from a big box craft chain)
Fuzzy trim (I used wired trim from a big box craft chain, but you can also use faux fur here)
Beaded tinsel trim (you could also use pearl swags or any similar trim, mine came from a big box craft chain)
4 red tinsel pom poms
Aleene's Fashion Fusion Glue Pen
Aleene's Fashion Fusion Peel and Stick Tape
Aleene's Fashion Fusion Peel and Stick Sheets (These can be used in place of tape)

Scissors (mine are Fiskars holiday themed scissors)

1. Begin by measuring, cutting and applying your thick ribbon to the top of stocking. The ribbon will overlap in the back, be sure to leave enough to fold so you don't have the end exposed, this will prevent it from fraying. Use the tape or the sheets to attach. The handle of your scissors can help as you press the tape or sheets down to create a strong bond.

2. Measure and cut a length of fuzzy trim to fit around top of stocking. Use tape to adhere.

3. Measure and cut your swag, my stocking was 7" and the swag was 14". Remember to leave space between swags for pom poms.

4. Place swags under the cuff of your stocking, use glue or tape to adhere stocking cuff over swags and secure them in place.

5. Use glue or tape to adhere your pom poms. Depending on the porosity of your fabric and how much of the glue it sucks up, you may need to use Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue!

Bonus project on video...coming soon!
6. Use a vintage card to make a matching gift tag...stay tuned for the video!

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