Victorian Snow Day Mixed Media Canvas by Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate Teen

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Victorian Snow Day Mixed Media Canvas
Recycled Teen Craft Idea
Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate Teen
Copyright 2009
'Mom crafted, kid approved!'

I love little canvases, not just for paintings but also for setting off a variety of mixed media art projects. This is one of those “use what you’ve got” ideas. I happen to have a generous stash of old bits and baubles around my studio, but this idea works equally as well with last year’s Christmas card and the trims and broken jewelry bits from your own drawers (or if you’re a teen, ask your mom for some stuff to use here.) If you like this vintage inspired look, you can find Victorian era postcards and old jewelry on eBay and if you don’t care about the condition (which I mostly don’t because I’m using them for my artwork) they can come very affordably. Dover Books has a huge selection of permission free images from this time period. If vintage isn’t your thing, adapt the idea to a more modern style.

I rummaged around my studio drawers for things to adhere to the edges. I had some faded old lace from an Estate Sale, broken rhinestone jewelry, old buttons and a vintage stash of Rick Rack trim. I love this silver, white and red color palette, but you can switch it up however you like. The idea in everything I do is to inspire you to be creative and make it your own. Inspiring you to ‘create without filters™’ is what I’m all about. What a fun project for Mom and teen to work on together and these make absolutely lovely gifts.

Oval 8"x10" mini canvas
Printed permission free image scanned and sized to fit center of frame (mine was 4.5"x7")
Trim (I used red rick rack)
Accent items (buttons, old jewelry, ribbon...whatever you like)
Flourish stamp
Ranger paint dabber silver
Fabric fusion
Liquid fusion
Tulip dimensional paint silverTulip dimensional paint multi glitterTulip fashion ultra fine multi glitter
Paper cutter
Sea sponge

1. Select an image for your canvas.You can get this image on my website here, simply size it to fit your canvas. 

2. Use a sea sponge to apply a layer of silver paint to the edges of the canvas leaving area where picture will go unpainted. Add a layer of glitter paint to canvas. Sprinkle a thin layer of glitter on top of paints and shake off excess. Allow to dry.

3. Dab the silver paint dabber on the flourish stamp to stamp around edges of frame.

4. Place Fabric fusion glue in four corners of your printed image and adhere carefully to canvas. Run a thin layer of Fabric fusion along the edges of your picture and add fabric trim. Cut off edges as you work to frame the picture.

5. Create a fabric bow and use Liquid Fusion to adhere a decorative element to it. Allow to dry. Glue bow to bottom right edge of frame.

6. Glue buttons to bottom left and top right edge of frame.

7. Glue a recycled jewelry accent to the top left edge of frame.

8. Allow to dry overnight.

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