Free Holiday Craft Project for iLoveToCreate Teen: Have Yourself a Twilight Little Christmas Ornament/Pendant

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Have Yourself a Twilight Little Christmas
Twilight Themed Ornament/Pendant
Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter for iLoveToCreate Teen
“Mom crafted, kid approved.”

I thought we’d escaped the phenomenon of
Twilight. Avalon showed no interest in the books at all...until last month. Then suddenly she wanted to read the first one. So we bought it. She read it in one day. Then we got the second book. Alas, she’s hooked. I thought in light of this and the incredible popularity of this series and the films, I’d be remiss as a teen craft designer if I didn’t come up with something Twilight themed.

I have always loved silhouettes. I don’t know what it is about them that I find so intriguing, but I do. I’ve been meaning to work on a silhouette craft project for a few years now, so this seemed like the perfect match. I figured fans of the film would recognize the silhouettes of the actors who play Edward and Bella...and just in case they didn't I added a “Bella & Edward 4-ever” to the other side of the framed images. You are welcome to use the template I’ve made. It’s sized to fit inside a 2”x2” frame and you’ll need to clean up any rough edges when you cut it out. I made the ornament and thought it would be a cute pendant, so I did a variation. It’s the same thing, slightly different.

(Twilight and my designs are under copyright and you absolutely can not take this project and resell it. This is intended for personal use only.)

Ornament Materials
2”x2” gun metal Ranger Memory Glass frame
2 2”x2”Ranger Memory Glass squares
19mm Lucite leaf bead from The Beadin' Path
2mm freshwater pearls
K & Company Brenda Walton Evergreen Designer Mat Pad
Tulip Dimensional Glitter multi
Aleene’s Glass and Bead Slick Surfaces Adhesive
Aleene’s Archival Glue Stick
Liquid Fusion glue
Printed image sized to 2”x2”
The King & Queen Font 9 pt. black “Bella & Edward 4-ever” centered and cut to fit frame
(Similar free fonts available at
Thin black satin ribbon

1. Right click and save image. Print silhouette. Cut out carefully with scissors.

2. Cut out tiny heart from red area of plaid holly paper. Dab a small amount of dimensional glitter on heart and allow to dry.

3. Trace with 2” glass square and cut out plaid holly paper to fit frame.

4. Cut out holly shapes to edge image on both sides of frame. Add a thin layer of dimensional glitter. Allow to dry.

5. Assemble the collage using your glue stick to adhere layers.

6. Print text. Trace with 2” glass square and cut out to fit frame.

7. Place front and back of collage together between layers of glass.

8. Slide into frame.

9. Glue three pearls into a small Lucite leaf with Liquid Fusion glue. Allow to dry.

10. Glue leaf to front left corner of frame with Glass and Bead Glue. Allow to dry.

11. Spread a thin layer of dimensional glitter on frame edge. Allow to dry.

12. Attach a thin satin ribbon to loop at top of frame.

(For the pendant, spread a thin layer of dimensional glitter on cut out image. Shake on a generous amount of Crafty Chica glitter in Be Bop Black. Allow to dry. Insert with text on back as before into frame. Glue a small satin bow to a red button with Liquid Fusion. Allow to dry. Glue button to frame edge with Glass and Bead glue. Spread a thin layer of dimensional glitter around frame edge. Attach to a chain with a 10mm jump ring. All materials used in these designs were given to me to use in my work except for the satin ribbon.)


Molly Smith said...

I love this Margo, the Ranger frames are so fun! I also enjoy reading about Avalon :) xo

Sharon said...

Wonderful project! What "Twilight" fan wouldn't want this? Fun and fab!

Andrew Thornton said...

What a fun project!

The great thing about the silhouettes is that it could work for either Team Jacob or Team Edward. Even though Bella doesn't end up with Jacob, the back could easily be modified to reflect the Team Jacob fans interested in a little bit of werewolf lovin'.

Margot Potter said...

Molly, they are fun aren't they?! Avalon is the best.


Margot Potter said...

Thanks, Mom! I love you.


Margot Potter said...


You are right! I toyed with doing both, but I ran out of time. Avalon has a Team Werewolf t-shirt. I do like a little werewolf lovin' now and then. Hee.


Hello there! My name is June said...

It's a perfect project for a teen twilight fan! I love the silhouettes!


Cyndi L said...

I love the way you did that silhouette, Margot! (BTW, Team Jacob all the way!)

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I love how you worked a heart into the first design. That, as a pendant, would make a great Valentine gift. Just thinkin' ahead ...