Free Halloween Craft Project: Vintage Plastic Hooty Owl Necklace

Hooty Owl Necklace Set Copyright 2009 Margot Potter

Hoot, hoot! I gave you a sneak peek of this necklace a while back. It's so seasonally apropos, I thought this would be the perfect time to share the instructions. This is another easy to whip up in a flash idea and you can sport this puppy all year long. These adorable owl beads come in a variety of colors. I'm a HUGE fan of vintage plastic beads and Beadin' Path has a phenomenal selection. I think plastic is a highly underrated material. It's lightweight, it comes in fantastic colors and effects and often you find far more whimsical ideas done in plastic than would ever be done in gemstone or crystal. I'm not a materials snob...I'll make jewelry from anything! Heck even trash if it's clean! (Designer note: I ended up going back and taking off the last two black beads after I photographed this, so the instructions reflect the updated version. You can add more beads if you want it to be longer.)

Free Halloween Craft Project
Vintage Plastic Hooty Owl Necklace
Copyright 2009 Margot Potter

6 15x30mm "
limey" vintage plastic owl beads
5 18mm
white with black polka dot vintage German plastic rounds
12 10mm
_Plastic&search=yes&page=search.html">filigree white vintage plastic rounds (these are available in bulk only on Wolf Myrow)
2 15mm
frosted black Plaid Fresh rounds
2 3.5" segments Beadalon
polyester chain
Frosted black
Blue Moon Beads Noir toggle clasp
2 sterling silver
EZ-Crimp ends
11 5mm
silver plated jump rings
6 2" silver plated
head pins
4 1.5" silver plated or sterling
head pins
2 silver plated or sterling
French ear wires

Round nose pliers
2 pairs chain nose pliers
Mighty or EZ Crimp Tool

1. Cut off 2 3.5" segments of Beadalon polyester chain.

2. Create 6 coiled owl dangles, 2 coiled polka dot dangles and 2 filigree double loop dangles.

3. Attach an EZ-Crimp end to a 12" segment of .018 19 strand Beadalon wire
4. Slide beads on in the following order: filigree, owl, filigree, polka dot, filigree, owl, filigree, frosted black, filigree, owl, filigree, polka dot...continuing this pattern until you reach the final (12th) filigree bead.

5. Thread wire into EZ-Crimp, use chain nose pliers to pull it through. Keep piece rounded to prevent it from being too stiff. Attach EZ-Crimp. Cut off excess wire.

6. Use jump rings to attach EZ-Crimp ends to your two poly chain segments.

7. Use jump rings to attach the clasp to each open end of poly chain.

8. To create earrings, attach ear wire to one end of double looped filigree, attach open bottom of filigree to coiled polka dot and repeat for second earring.

Designer Note: All materials used in this design were donated by the manufacturers and website owners for use in my work.


Duru Günaçan said...

woow... ı love it:)

Silver Parrot said...

Cute! And I agree with you about plastic - especially from Beadin' Path. They have some gorgeous stuff.

Crafterella said...

I really like those vintage owls, super find!

Margot Potter said...

So glad you all like this one! It's really fun to wear and those owls are spectacular!


Robin Beam said...

Love, Love, LOVE the owls!!!!!!

Love you, too!


Margot Potter said...

...and I love, love, love you, Ms. Beam!


Melissa J. Lee said...

This necklace really pops - my eye was drawn to it immediately in the TT mosaic! I love the owls - being able to get a funky, substantial look without a lot of weight is wonderful. Combining the green with black and white (and those wonderful dotty beads) is perfect. Great inspiration - thank you!

Candace Jedrowicz said...

This is crazy cute! I love yourf prjects!

Unknown said...

so cute I love it!

Anonymous said...

This necklace is super hip. The colors are great. I love that you used polka dots and that green in the owls is perfect.

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Too cute!
I am totally loving the owls!!

BrendaPinnick said...

what fun! Those owls are a hoot! (pun intended)