Mixed Media Book Review: Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier

Book Review
Fabric Art Collage: 40+ Mixed Media Techniques by Rebekah Meier

I am delighted to give my hearty and heartfelt recommendation to Fabric Art Collage by creative genius
Rebekah Meier. This is, without doubt, one of the most sumptuous and idea packed creative tomes to cross my desk in ages. Ms. Meier has filled this book to the gills with bright ideas and brilliant inspiration.

A mixed media book with a fabric focus, this will certainly appeal to quilters and fabric artists...but it's got a ton of appeal for mixed media artists working in jewelry making, collage and paper arts as well. I can not stop looking at this book and every time I do, I find something new and fascinating. There are products and techniques in these pages I have never, ever seen before and the sample gallery projects are all stunning.

What impresses me the most about this title is the vast amount of knowledge that Ms. Meier possesses and the ease with which she shares it with the reader. She writes clearly and honestly and her passion for her art comes through on every page. ANY creative person looking for some fresh ideas should buy this book. You will not be disappointed.

There are over 40 techniques and a huge array of finished projects to show you ways to integrate the techniques into your art. I am intrigued by lutradur and solvron, two items I had not heard of before reading this book. Even when she uses familiar materials, she uses them in entirely unexpected ways. In fact, Ms. Meier uses such a wide variety of interesting materials it is mind blowing. I simply can't stop gazing at the Black, White and Red Quilt and the Canvas Quilt. I love that Ms. Meier doesn't spoon feed you monkey see, monkey do projects, but shows you ways to tap your own creativity and let it flow.

Kudos to Ms. Meier and C&T Publishing for making a book that will have a place of honor at my bedside for many months to come as I thumb the pages in search of new inspiration before drifting off to sleep.

Margot Potter
The Impatient Crafter(tm)
Author The Impatient Beader Series
Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed
Beyond the Bead

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Rebekah said...

Thanks so much Margot! I really appreciate your nice review of my book!

I decided to give a free book away on my blog.