Final Free Mixed Media Jewelry Project from Beyond the Bead

Nice and Naughty Shrink Art Charms Copyright 2009 Beyond the Bead by Margot Potter
Nice and Naughty Shrink Art Charms Variation Copyright 2009 Beyond the Bead by Margot Potter
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It's time for the final free project from my fabulous new mixed media techniques for the beader book...Beyond the Bead! Insert cries of unfettered glee and joyous abandon here.
This 'charming' project has a tale to tell. Originally these little flappers were a little more...shall we say...naughty. I was asked to consider covering them up just a skootch more and I agreed. It was never my intention to offend, I just have an affection for vintage pin up art. But only if it's naughty...and nice. It looks as if the Dover book I used is no longer in print, so I've provided a link to a fashion illustration title from the same period with less risque images. I've also included some variations I made using colored pencils and vintage Vogue pattern images from the 1940s. This is a pretty straightforward idea, you pick bold pen and ink images and you trace them on the shrink plastic. I'm all about make it easy and make it fun...this is a great project to do with kids (using kid appropriate images...of course!)

So without further's your free project! Leave a comment and I'll randomly select a winner to be announced on April 1st. No fooling, tee hee. I'll be sending you a signed copy of the book, a jaunty Beyond the Bead promo button and a stash of CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements sparklies for your collection! Good luck! Oh and if you're on Facebook, would you consider joining my Fan Page? I'll announce upcoming events and airings on QVC there, share project debuts and links to what's new in Madge's world. Pretty please?

Nice and Naughty Shrink Art Charms
Copyright 2009 Margot Potter
Beyond the Bead for North Light Books
Are you a naughty girl? Do you love to dance on the edge of decency? Do you ‘rouge your knees and roll your stockings down’? Well, my little flapper girl, these nifty little shrink art charms are certain to suit your style. Vo dee oh doh!

*Any clean and simple black and white inked illustrations will work here. The bigger the better so you can really get the detail in before it shrinks! It’s important to use a very, very fine tipped market so you can really get the lines clean or the finished result could be lacking in definition. You can add more or less color depending on your mood.

Dover Spot Illustrations Book
Rough and Ready shrink plastic
Ranger Adirondack pen red pepper
Ranger Archival Ink black

Micron 005 fine tipped black marker
4mm gun metal jump rings
Krylon silver leafing pen
Sheet of brown kraft paper cut to fit oven tray

ToolsHole punch
Craft dedicated Toaster oven
Metal spatula
2 pairs chain nose pliers

1. Select images from book. Remember that they shrink a lot, so pick large detailed images for best results.
2. Trace images on rough side of plastic using a fine tipped marker.
3. Accent images with red marker.
4. Cut out images with sharp scissors making interesting shapes.
5. Create hole in top of image with hole punch.
6. Place images in preheated toaster oven on top of precut brown paper bag liner on oven tray.
7. Allow to shrink, use spatula to flatten any still curled images before cooling.
8. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
9. Use metal leaf pen to edge images. Allow to dry.
10. Attach jump rings to charms.

Rough and Ready Shrink Art Plastic Shrinky Dinks, Spot Illustrations Dover Books, Adirondack pen and Archival Ink Ranger, Micron pen Kuretake, Silver leafing pen Krylon, gun metal jump rings Rings n’ Things.


Anonymous said...

Love this set! Great idea using the old 40's vogue patterns as well. Planning on hinting to niece this weekend I would love something like this done with her fashion drawings. Thank you!

Ring by Ring Designs said...

My Mother had some of those 40's Vogue patterns. They were wonderful.Only 35 cents per pattern.

Anonymous said...


These are awesome!

~ Gabriela ~

Dawno said...

Does the shrink plastic packaging or how-to insert provide any guidelines to the shrinkage ratio - say I need something to be a specific size, will I have to experiment or will the product info say "four inches square shrinks to 1 inch square" or something similar?

(Thinking that a shrink plastic picture might be great for the current Rings & Things gluable challenge)

Anonymous said...

This just goes to show that you are both naughty AND nice!


Margot Potter said...

Thanks Jenn, Suzanne and Gabriella! Bev I have a small collection of those patterns I've been hoarding for years, they are amazing. Dawno I don't actually recall if there is a shrink ratio on the package, follow the link to the Shrinky Dink site and maybe they can tell you more!

Dawno said...

Duh, follow the link...some days the brain just isn't switched on...

The site says "Your creation will SHRINK to 1/3rd its original size, and become 9 times thicker."

Irene Lenihan said...

I love that project. I wonder which old patterns I can use. Such and interesting and unusual piece of juewelry.

Trish said...

What a fun project! And that makes me think that this is also one wonderful book!!

Anonymous said...

Please add me to the book draw. It looks quite interesting.

grace said...

Congratulations on your Ambassadorship. Please include me in the drawing.

Geetu said...

what a fun and (seemingly anyway) easy project. Very creative of you, and super nice that you share with your readers!


jeanne's gems said...

very cool project.
I would love to wind the book!

jeanne's gems said...

cool project! Thanks for sharing.
would love to win the book!

ozlynda said...

What a great technique.
I would love to win your book so I can try this and other ideas.
Thanks for your generous offer.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and all the cool ideas and projects you share. Your guidance makes me feel like I have my own personal mentor!

Nancy Sabina said...

So fab! Certainly an eye-catching piece.

Bunny Wilson said...

Love it!

Diana said...

Great project! Thanks for sharing it. I think it will be perfect for some images a friend's mother drew years and years ago - she was a budding designer - and this will give her a nifty way to use her mom's art. Best of luck with your book and thanks for considering me for the drawing!

Unknown said...

Well, I've got 2 boxes of those old patterns and some shrink plastic, so I should give it a go!

Thanks for the how-to.

Melayla said...

Love the project. I've never used shrink plastic; i'm excited to get some now! said...

I haven't used shrink plastic in such a long time. Now I'm inspired to do it again. Thanks.


Jo Ann said...

This is such a great idea.

Melody said...

I love this. It's a great idea creative and stylish.

Gayle said...

Great idea! I used to do shrink plastic with my brownie troop.

Marjorie Jumisco said...

Great idea! Thanks much for sharing. Now if I had your hand book beside me, the cats and I would be content forever. Please add me to the draw.
All the best you naughty youngin.

Truly, Marjorie

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RedPanties said...

Ever so clever, I love shrink plastic but haven't used it in years...hmmm, may be time to find some again!