The Impatient Crafter™ Free Holiday Craft Project: Eggbert the Holiday Reindeer Collaged Necklace Set

Eggbert the Holiday Reindeer Copyright 2008 Margot PotterRudy the Holiday Reindeer Copyright 2008 Avalon PotterRudy Inspired Angel Ornament Variation Copyright 2008 Margot Potter (Click on images to view close up)

Meet Eggbert the Holiday Reindeer. He's not as famous as Rudolph, but he's got his own charms. Eggbert is the funniest reindeer in the North Pole. When Santa's feeling blue, Eggbert perks him right back up with a snappy one liner or a goofy face. He keeps everyone's spirits up during the big night when they start to get pooped from all of that flying and landing and distributing of gifts.

Eggbert the Holiday Reindeer came from a craft day with my lovely daughter Avalon. She’s like the cobbler’s kid, she hardly ever gets to craft with her crafty Mom. We made collaged pendants using scrapbook paper, chipboard and our own illustrations. I decided to draw a cartoon reindeer when I couldn’t find the right one online. I wanted it to be cute but not cloying, funky and fun and totally kid friendly. This is my necklace set and my daughter made her very own pendant that is far cooler than mine as you can see!

It’s great to craft with your kids and projects like this make it easy for everyone to have good results. The idea here is to draw your own version, but I’ve included a jpeg of my cartoon below you are welcome to utilize for personal use only. (That means if you use it for resale or to teach a class and I find out, you are violating my copyright and that would be stealing which isn’t nice and I might have to get all hinky on you.) I’ve included an image of an alternate ornament using the same collaged techniques with vintage sheet music and a scanned and sized image from my personal permission free stash. You can find repro vintage holiday images on a variety of websites including Art Chix Studios and in Dover Books.

Remember that this is made of paper, so don't wear it swimming, in the shower or out in the pouring rain!

Eggbert the Holiday Reindeer Necklace Set
Kid Friendly, Mom Approved
Copyright 2008 Margot Potter
For Personal Use Only

154 3mm
aqua CRYSTALLLIZED™-Swarovski Elements rounds (adjust length as needed, this makes a 16” necklace)
Bazzill Basics chipboard circle
2 1”
Bazzill Basics chipboard circle
Patterned holiday scrapbook paper (I used a
Die Cuts with a View Mini Stack)
Plastic white alphabet beads to spell “joy” (I got mine from
JoAnn Fabrics)
Krylon silver leaf pen
Ranger Archival Ink jet
Ranger Stickles Star Dust
Mod Podge
UHU All Purpose Glue
Inkadinkado Bohemian Flourish Stamp 96253-P
EZ Crimp s-hook sterling clasp
10mm heavy duty white jump rings
2 5mm white jump rings
2 silver plated dapped French ear wires
20” length .018 49 strand Beadalon wire

Mighty Crimper Tool
2 pairs chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
Sharp scissors
Disposable Paint Brush

1. Draw and scan your reindeer cartoon.

2. Drag image into Photoshop and size to fit dimensions of tag.

3. Drag image into Publisher to create a document you can print out to cut and adhere on the background paper.

4. Trace circle on background paper and cut out.

5. Glue background paper to chipboard circle with some overlap. Allow to dry and then trim edges.

6.Stamp flourishes on to paper using archival ink in jet.

7. Glue cut out image on to bottom corner of circle. Trim edges to fit circle. Allow to dry.

8. Use hole punch to make a hole in top center of circle.

9. Paint a layer of Mod Podge over image. Allow to dry.

10. Use fingertip to gently spread Stickles on background paper avoiding image. Allow to dry.

11. Paint edges with silver leafing pen. Gently bend pen nib so it leaves a thin silver edge around chipboard circle. Allow to dry.

12. Paint back of circle with silver leafing pen. Allow to dry.

13. Seal sides and back with a layer of Mod Podge. Allow to dry.

14. Attach a large jump ring to hole in the chipboard circle to create a pendant.

15. Attach EZ Crimp to one end of wire.

16. Bead crystals on wire.

17. Pull wire into second EZ Crimp end with chain nose pliers.

18. Attach EZ Crimp to wire, making sure the design is rounded before you secure so it’s not too stiff when worn.

19. Create a matching pair of earrings using the same techniques. Thread crystals on head pins and make three coil top dangles.

20. Attach dangles to 5mm jump ring and secure closed. Attach beaded jump ring, chipboard circle and ear wire to a 10mm jump ring and secure closed.

Make a chipboard ornament using the same layered collage techniques. Let your kids join in and do their own versions. Crafting is supposed to be have fun already will ya?!

Eggbert the Holiday Reindeer Jpeg for Personal Use Only Copyright 2008 Margot Potter


Kim Davis said...

Very cute set, and definitely a stand-out among holiday jewelry!

Dave Robertson said...

Madge, nice stuff here, not least your sense of humor!

at Rings & Things

(the jump ring people)

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! And, you have such a crafty, talented daugher.