One More Free Halloween Craft Project!

Terrorific Tuesdays are over, but I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve. Here's a free project I made for Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements. It's super easy and affordable to re-create and you can opt out of the sew on stones if you want it to be even easier and more affordable! This is also available on the Create Your Style website along with lots and lots of other fabulous free patterns from a huge variety of designers.

Trick or Treat Tote Bag and Purse
Margot Potter for Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements

This sizable tote has a retro flair and can double as a seasonal purse for Mom before the “big day.” It will hold plenty of candy and a flashlight too! Vintage style grosgrain ribbon is threaded through the purse and the handles on both sides. A permission free Dover vintage image takes center stage. A judicious touch of gorgeous hot fix and sew-on crystals takes this design from every day to gorgeous.


Blumenthal Craft 17”x13”x4”x4” black canvas tote bag
1 Spool 4513310 3/8”
Michaels grosgrain ribbon in orange with black stitched accents
1 ½” S23670 Sheer Creations
Michaels wired black and white polka dot sheer ribbon
Girl with cat on pumpkin image
Dover Publications Halloween Illustrations and Clip Art
6 2028 SS8 black diamond
hot fix crystals
11 2028 SS12 crystal ab hot fix crystals
6 2028 SS8 crystal ab hot fix crystals
42 2028 SS20 sun
hot fix crystals
71 2228 SS16 jet hematite hot fix crystals (you can also substitute with 2028 jet hematite in the same size)
4 3240 16mm
crystal sew on stones
6 3240 22mm jet sew on stones
Sheet of
Pabric Soft printable fabric
Aleene’s Fabri-Tac Glue

Photo quality ink jet printer
White marking pen or chalk
Black permanent fine tip pen
Sharp scissors
Hole punch or We R Memory Keepers
Kandi Kane
hot fix crystal applicator tool

1. Use a ruler and marking pen or chalk to mark every inch from bottom of tote, around handle and back to bottom of tote on both sides.
2. Fold fabric to cut small slits (3/8”) using sharp scissors on marks you made on the body of the tote bag.
3. Use hole punch to punch holes at marked spots on handle of tote bag.
4. Repeat on other side.
5. Thread a thrice knotted grosgrain ribbon from the inside bottom left side of your tote out and back into the next slit. (Use half of the length on the spool; you have exactly as much as you need in the 3 yard total length.)
6. Continue threading the ribbon through the slits and holes in handle working your way around to the other side. Try not to pull too hard on the ribbon, it shouldn’t pucker the fabric. Knot three times when you reach inside of the final hole and cut ribbon. Repeat process on other side of bag.
7. Print image on Pabric using ink jet printer. Allow to dry.
Carefully cut out image using sharp scissors.
8. Adhere image to tote using fabric friendly glue, be sparking as you don’t want to get the image too wet. Allow to dry.
9. Arrange sun hot fix crystals down the ridges of pumpkin on image as in photo. Use hot fix applicator tool to carefully adhere each crystal to the image. Try not to get tool on image as it will damage it.
10. Arrange jet hot fix crystals around outside of image “connect the dots” style. Use hot fix applicator tool to carefully adhere each crystal so it straddles the edge of the image and also is attached to the tote, this will help the image to remain stationary on the bag.
11. Add hot fix crystal “stars” around upper background area surrounding image using hot fix crystal applicator tool changing tips to fit varied stone sizes.
12. Sew stones on tote between ribbon accents.
13. Finish with two polka dot bows tied around the bottom lace on each handle on the front of your tote. Use fingers to give the wired bows dimension.


Dave Robertson said...

Hey, you snuck in another great Halloween project, Margo!

Impressed as always,

at Rings & Things

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I bet you hated having to part with it!